Download Free Opera Mini Browser For Android FREE

Download Free Opera Mini Browser For Android FREE

Download for Android for PC Opera browser sleeker and easier to use than ever that provide mobile web navigation, is now in a beta version. Cool completely redesigned for Android Opera Know-how and innovation, combined with 17 years’ worth is the result of a passion for design.


Web browser for Web access from your cards online, you download Android phone is one of the most important applications. Be sure to Android mobile users to get the best experience, Opera web then you can do the most to ensure that the browser was rebuilt. Download for Android Download up Your Android Phone a full, native browsing experience provides.

Opera mini Browser known for innovation to become even better at its most loved features is constructed:

New look : Android game most beautiful and Android, the platform is built to the specifications that have a completely new user interface for the opera .

Significant discovery: a new way of discovering content on the Web provides. Discover the panel from start-up screen, you can read a selection of popular subjects such sports, technology, lifestyle or news to your interests, to dig deeper into. Opera Select the relevant global and regional resources, while above if you are surfing.


New improved Speed ​​Dial Speed ​​Dial Opera engineer’s users prefer connections readily available, yet still want the freedom to explore a bookmark folder. With the new Speed ​​Dial bookmarks to provide a new experience together with Speed ​​Dial entries are fused. It is convenient to group, organize and speed -dial entries or rename the folder to collect them – all with the touch of your thumb.

Off-road mode, Android rough when the above conditions for faster browsing, Opera mini integrates compression technology. During bad or expensive roaming network? Only off -road mode switches and keeps on surfing.

Combined search and address bar: opera a more beautiful and intuitive UI for input field has combined search and URL.

Tabbed browsing: beautiful tabbed browsing much easier on your phone, open the browse and sort all your open browser windows does. This is just like Opera desktop browser, private browsing offers.

Date: Easily accessible mode with history, you quickly saw that earlier today on the back – just leave it to your home screen to access content swipe of your finger to the right.

Save for later: This feature user a complete web page downloads and offline, while allowing read it later. You do not want to connect to the Internet when WI-FI on flights without or just perfect for reading long articles.

Opera Browser Features Free For Android PC Here:

World’s fastest Android on PC browser Opera Mini Try it.

250 million people around the world love Opera Mini Web Browser to find out why :

– Speed: download images and graphics in web pages with lots of .
– Savings: 90 % with our unique compression technology to cut data costs.
– Simplicity: Large buttons and a clear layout for all to use Opera Mini simplify .
– Stability: you can go on the web with a browser .
– Social: Opera Mini plays well with others . The Internet can connect to any phone that works!

Google here Opera Mini Free  for download Official version of Opera Mini is free to install and use .


  • New and improved features include:
  • Speed ​​Dial on the home screen with your browser set to your favorite Web sites . You can also add there is no limit to the number of entries.
  •  Smart Search index is happening. It’s Face book , Twitter and a quick update provides the latest news .
  • Multitask with tabs open and switch between pages.
  • Save pages for later reading, or for once you are not connected to the Internet.
  • The download manager is easy for you with music, movies and more gain.

Download Free Opera Mini Browser For Android FREE

Free Download Opera Mini For Android here just follow the below links and install in your android Phone free of cost opera mini



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